Meet Karla

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Karla was born in Lima, Peru where the Pacific Ocean was her best friend. She migrated to the United States with her mom and sister when she was 11 years old to reunite with her dad in the land of the Iroquois in the Midwest.

She spends most of her life in the midst of intersectionality as a Jesus loving Afro-Indigenous Peruvian woman, undocumented immigrant and a fat woman.

Antiracism discipleship is the heartbeat of her writing and speaking.

She has spent the last few years healing and reclaiming her story as her own after spending the majority of her life in white evangelical spaces.

She dabbles in visual arts, writing, teaching, bookbinding, photography and recently she has taken up podcasting – El Cafecito with Karla – where she interviews her friends as they explore the themes of loving Jesus, choosing hope, and finding liberation together.

Most of all, Karla loves to laugh, the color yellow, Bad Bunny, drinking single origin pour overs, and reading multiple books at once.

Come say hi on Instagram! —-> @DearKarla